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Andreas Ioannides

Prof. Andreas A. Ioannides was born in Morphou, Cyprus. He studied Physics (1970-73) and completed his PhD at Surrey University UK (1973-76), continuing with research in nuclear Physics until 1988. Since 1986 he started research in biology that by 1989 narrowed to magnetoencephalography. The initial emphasis on basic theory and mathematical analysis techniques lead also to development of experimental protocols and dedicated hardware (freely donated to the community with some nowadays installed in MEG systems world-wide).

Prof. Ioannides established theoretical teams and set up functional neuroimaging laboratories in international centers of excellence in the UK (1989 -98), Germany (1994-8) and Japan (1998 – 2009) leading to over 130 scientific papers. Over ten of his PhD students are now leading scientist, some heading international centers of excellence in Europe, North America and Asia. Prof. Ioannides returned to Cyprus in 2009 as the director of AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd (AAISCS) a private company that continues the basic neuroscience research of previous years with the additional goal of using the resulting knowledge to develop new services and products with cheaper and widely accessible technology. The company also provides support for experiments and data analysis in Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography. For much of the last decade Prof. Ioannides research emphasized three main areas of basic and applied research: the understanding of sleep processes and how these influence health, using the results of basic research to advance new non-invasive, non-pharmacological methods of intervention with strong emphasis on neurofeedback and the development of methods for identifying strengths and weaknesses of pupils in pre-school or in the first year of elementary school and making theses suitable for mass screening. Some important results from this research will be presented for the first time in Patras at BFAL2017.