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Kitty Panourgia

Kitty Panourgia has an academic background in Psychology and Education. With a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, followed by a Master Degree in Education (University of Manchester, U.K) and a Phd in Education, (University of Geneva, Switzerland, Faculty of Psychology and Education).

She is the Managing Director of NEOANALYSIS LTD, seated in Athens, Greece, a consulting and event management company having successfully accomplished various contracts with the Greek Ministry of Education and other Ministries and Public and Private Bodies for consulting and evaluation services, mainly in the field of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Educational Interventions in Education in the context of Structural Funds. For her entrepreneurial performance and reliability, as well as for her business ethics as a female entrepreneur, she has also been awarded the title of “European Ambassador for the Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship” by the European Commission in 2011.

In the context of IIS Conferences she holds the title of the Conference Organization Chair.