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Brain Function Assessment in Learning

Besides the ITS conferences, IIS added the thematically more specific Brain Function Assessment in Learning (BFAL) conference to its program and constantly seeks to create new links between the different fields of Intelligent System research. The BFAL conferences aim to regroup research in the multidisciplinary domain of neurosciences, health, computer science, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, education, as well as social interaction.

This new series of thematic conferences hosts researchers, academics and specialists from many different fields with the aim to strengthen their cooperation and accelerate the generation of knowledge and viable solutions, ready to be implemented in the market.

The convergence of cognitive studies, tools of artificial intelligence, neuroscience approaches and health applications open a new era of multidisciplinary research tracks. The emergence of new assessment devices allows new ways of experimentation in laboratories, with light, non intrusive, and low cost material. Industrial representatives of relative technology will also be invited to present the new possibilities of their tools and equipment.