Instructions for Posters

Posters provide an interactive forum for authors to present research prototypes and work in progress to conference participants. Posters are published in the conference proceedings.

Poster submission

  • Should be original work (i.e., not submitted, in submission, or submitted to another conference while in review).
  • Consist of up to three (3) page extended summary submitted to the corresponding conference
  • Follow the instructions for the submission of scientific papers

Poster presentation:

Authors of accepted posters are responsible for preparing a poster and bringing it themselves to the conference to display, demonstrate and discuss it on site with the conference participants.

Poster Design:

  • The poster should be presented on A0 size (or smaller)
  • It should include the author’s name, affiliations and the title
  • A poster should be self-explanatory, clear, structured, concise, and attractive
  • The headlines and fonts should be readable from a distance and should help attendees to get an at-a-glance overview
  • Use of QR code or other interactive widgets to link to further information is helpful
  • Diagrams, graphs and tables can be used effectively to visualize results