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IIS conferences enjoy a great visibility in general and the proceedings constitute one of their most important outcomes.

Until now conference papers, poster, DC/YRT and interactive events are published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) and Lecture Notes in Artificial Science (LNAI) series in the context of a long lasting collaboration. This collaboration is reinforced by a repeated Springer sponsorship of 1000 Euros, which usually is directed to the Best Paper Award (a prize given to the authors of the best full paper). The conference proceedings are published, in parallel to the printed books, in full-text electronic version in Springer’s digital library. Registered conference participants are given a temporary free access to the online proceedings on Springer. Access is granted for approximately four weeks, starting a few days before each conference.

Previous conference proceedings can be found at:

Workshops have the opportunity to organize the publication of their own proceedings; this depends on the proposal of the workshop and the consent of the participants.