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Sheizaf Rafaeli – Online games and Sharing in Learning

Prof. Dr. Sheizaf Rafaeli (director of Sagy Center for Internet Research, former Head of Graduate School of Management, University Haifa, Israel, later on: leader of Serious Games for Executives project, director of public interest organization (no information which organizations))

Online games and Sharing in Learning

In his ITS 2012 keynote speech Sheizaf Rafaeli elaborated on the development, implementation and evaluation of the use of online tools for learning, with special attention to games and gamification, sharing and collaboration.

His experience is mostly at the University and upper level high school levels, and is focused on the teaching and learning of particular disciplines, But the opportunities and issues are widespread, almost universal. The introduction of networked tools to enable Play and Collaboration is a major challenge for intelligent tutoring systems research. He discussed some generic and theoretical issues, including Interactivity and Subjective Value of Information, reported on recent findings, and described the practical implications of designing and adopting these tools and practices for learning.