ITS2023 is the upcoming Conference of the series of Intelligent Tutoring Systems Conferences on Computer and Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Tutoring and Education. ITS2023 will be held in Corfu, Greece from June 2 to June 5, 2023. The conference will be hybrid and it will allow participants to attend it on-line too.


Theme of ITS2023

The ITS2023 Conference is about Augmented Intelligence and ITS”. ITS2023 presents academic and research achievements of Computer and Cognitive Sciences, AI and Deep Learning vis-a-vis the advances of Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

ITS is evolving  to a new concept of Artificial Intelligence which can be found in various disciplines and can serve to human education and well being. This new concept is named : AUGMENTED INTELLIGENCE (or AI). Augmented Intelligence concerns any system, technique, architecture, method, tools which can be used to enhance HUMAN intelligence, cognitive capacities, memory, learning. Instead of trying to reproduce human behaviour or recognize human traits using artificial intelligence techniques or learning analytics, Augmented Intelligence provides means to increase the human cognitive potential.

The conference will be supported by the following  tracks in which the concepts mentioned above contribute to the increase of intelligence.  To submit a paper choose the corresponding track and submit through EasyChair.

Special tracks

T1: Augmented Intelligence  in Tutoring systems

T2: Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare Informatics.

T3:Augmented Intelligence in Games, Serious Games and Virtual Reality

T4 : Neural Networks and Data Mining

T5: Augmented Intelligence and Metaverse

T6: Security, Privacy and Ethics in Augmented Intelligence

T7 : Applied Natural Language Processing

T8: Augmented Intelligence for Autonomous Robots and Learning




Registration Category Type of Attendance Fee
Authors’ registration
350 €
Authors' registration
200 €
Registration of any additional paper
Onsite or Online
200 €
Attendees’ registration (co-authors of registered papers, non-authors)
150 €
Students’ registration (co-authors of registered papers, non-authors)
120 €
50 €

The ITS2023 Conference invites submissions to be presented and discussed during the Conference. All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to or published in any other journal or conference.
The following categories are welcome: Full papers – twelve (12) pages, Short papers – eight (8) pages, Posters – six (6) pages.
All paper submissions should be made through the Easychair platform.
Paper submissions should be in PDF and in English.
In order to increase high-quality papers and independent merit, the evaluation process of papers is double-blind.
The conference will be supported by the following tracks in which the concepts mentioned above contribute to the increase of intelligence. To submit a paper precisely the corresponding track.
All papers submitted for review MUST not contain the authors’ names, affiliations, or any information that may disclose the authors’ identity (this information is to be restored in the camera-ready version upon acceptance). Authors should replace names and affiliations with Xs on submitted papers. In particular, in the version submitted for review, they should avoid explicit auto-references, such as “in [1] we show” — consider “in [1] it is shown“; i.e. they may cite previous works, provided that they are not deducible from the text that the cited works belong to the authors. When citing their previous work, they should keep the names with Xs.

Step 1
Authors should download the LNCS template and formatting instructions from the Springer website.
Step 2
Authors should prepare and submit their papers, including an abstract, through EasyChair. Login as author and select your document (by number) at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions on the submission screen. Upload your document in Springer LNCS format. Please select the topics (you may select more than one) carefully, as the topics play a key role in the process of assigning reviewers. It is important that the topics you select on the submission screen in EasyChair accurately reflect the document’s content.

The ITS2023 Proceedings will be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS) by Springer.
Authors should consult Springer’s authors’ guidelines and use their proceedings templates, either for LaTeX or for Word, for the preparation of their papers.
Springer encourages authors to include their ORCIDs in their papers.


Conference Committee
Program Committee
Steering Committee



Ionian University

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Corfu, Greece

Building of History Department – Amfitheatre 2 and Teleconference Meeting Room

Address: Ioannou Theotoki 72, Corfu Greece

Rex Restaurant

Address: Kapodistriou 66, Kerkira 491 00, Greece