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Maria Grigoriadou

Emeritus Prof. Maria Grigoriadou (Emeritus Prof; head of Education and Language Technology Group: department of informatics and telecommunications at University of Athens)

Maria Grigoriadou received the BA degree in physics from the University of Athens in 1968 and the DEA and doctorate degrees from the University of Paris VII in 1972 and 1975, respectively. She is now Emeritus Professor in education and language technology and head of the Education and Language Technology Group, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens.

Her current research interests include the areas of adaptive learning environments, Web-based education, ITS, educational software, natural language processing tools, and computer science education.

She was the recipient of eight awards, has participated in 15 projects, and has four invited talks to her credit. She has 47 publications in international journals, 12 in international book chapters, 200 in proceedings of international conferences and more than 1200 citations to her research work. Emeritus Professor Grgoriadou is a member of IEEE, AACE, IADIS, EDEN, Kaleidoscope and LeMoRe.