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Experienced conference organisers

IIS organises conferences, educational seminars, tutorials and workshops for researchers, academics and business representatives. IIS is the Institute of Intelligent Systems, which examines and studies interdisciplinary science, such as computer technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.


The activities of IIS are managed by a team of renowned academics and experienced educational consultants.


NEOANALYSIS, a consulting and event management company, is officially tasked with the management of IIS and the organisation of the ITS Conferences since 2012.


Connecting People

To connect various research areas with each other, to advance the academic field of Intelligent Systems, improve its adaptability to industry needs and real-life problems.

Technological Development

To promote high-quality and state-of-the-art research to set the foundation for progress and development.

Coping with new Challenges

To anticipate and respond to new challenges of the international tech-industry, academia and research community through a regrouping within the field and exchange of ideas.

Scientific Networks

To provide a forum for scientific networking worldwide.